Thursday, January 7, 2016


...or Jest-sons, as I now typoed.

My seasonal livelihood has kicked in, so audio lab time's going to be less.  This one bit is going to take some script-building.  It might be up eventually.

The Jetsons were on my mind this morning-- "Offa me!"  "I'll tune in the government information channel!"-- so the first post of the year is something I thought I wouldn't do: put up a bit that's already over at Bandcamp.  But Rich was asking about the fabulous, floating Flood Tape, and I guess I should mention all that old stuff-- which was appearing on this very blog, in its halcyon days-- is up over there.

More blogcleaning: for 2016, I'm going to quit putting "CutUpSound" in the title of posts w/ new stuff.  It's the blog, I'm the blog, the blog is me.  The occasional odd thing by others also (clearly identified).

And I think I'll start putting links into the text, like Jetsons or something like that.