Thursday, April 23, 2020

Bob and Ray: Wally Ballou Reporting From the Queen Mary

This might be the silliest bit they did.  Bob improvises to a kid's record.  What a brilliantly simple concept for Found Sound; it's like Monty Python's "Alistair Cooke Being Attacked By a Duck". (YouTube link)

Wally Ballou reporting

(The thing I like the most is hearing Wally reporting from "the Queed Bary.")

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Columbo: Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something

Here's a bit I just now cleaned up from an old Columbo episode.  This marketing consultant made an alibi for himself, consisting of his narration of what's called an "Industrial Film".

And what a film.  I wonder how many documentaries have a symphonic score like this, busting all out with America's Mighty Destiny.  The script practically announces itself.

The bit's going on the stream, over there, but also here.