Friday, April 1, 2022

Pictures this week

Unlike computers, analog forms of entertainment continue to function when defective.  And as you can see from our banner up there, Technical Difficulties on broadcasts I saw in childhood is one of the psychic drivers of this art.  Even then, I think I appreciated Burrough's idea about how easily control can be broken in the distribution.  One bad servo, and the President has egg on his face.  

Today's post comes from the world of early television.  It was a glitchy mess, with all those dusty little analog switches and sliders, and the Gremlins were a busy bunch.  All of these screens were capped during a transition of some sort, and may only now be appreciated thanks to digital reproductions.  Portions of today's post have been broadcast in other time streams.

Ok, actually, the third one is a cross-fade, not a dusty switch.  But those could be weird too.  Here's a Robert Williams wet dream, courtesy of Mr Ed:

I guess I should start a page for these things.

In the audio realm, "A deep silence prevails on Mars".  Find out about Recordings of a Robot Miner...this week, In The News!