A remix of "The Medium is the Massage" by Marshall McLuhan,
produced by Jerome Agel & John Simon.

Open AI: Classic Pop, in the style of Frank Sinatra
Winter Solstice 2020 (16:26), a collage including
    John Fahey: A Raga Called Pat, part 3
    Wendy Carlos: Winter
    Samuel Beckett: Text for Nothing #8, read by Jack MacGowan
    misc SFX
Linda Cohen: Concerto

Night and Day and Night
Out of This World Round
Bent Alley Cat
Breaking in a Brand New Dub
The-President-is-Dead Music
Mancini's Eden
Phone Bar
Curtis8516_Fountain of Life

(All tunes compiled by CutUpSound except "Fountain of Life" by Curtis8516.)


Collected from the Internet Archive.
Blue Suede Talk
I Don't Live Today (live, excerpt)
(Have You Ever Been To) Electric Ladyland, solo guitar
2020 Birthday jam: MLK & New Rising Sun
Godrilla: Jimi Hendrix Meets the Beatles!
Pytski: Joe Rides On The Storm
Pali Gap

Ken Nordine: Faces in the Jazzamatazz
Lucky Thompson: Lil Tenderfoot
Jack Kerouac: Charlie Parker
Anita Ellis & David Amram: The Crazy Daisy
Coyle & Sharpe: Armored Attack
Andre Hodier: Jazz et Jazz
Movie trailer: The Incredibly Strange Creatures
  Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-up Zombies
Kenneth Patchen: In Order To
Bobby Troup w/ Raymond Burr: Buzzy
Annie Ross and Count Basie: Twisted

Singin' in the Shower
Stand By Your
Green Green Grass
We Edit Life

Johnny Green: Easy Come, Easy Go
Fats Waller: Hallelujah
The Bonzo Dog Band: Dr Jazz
The Tonight Show Band: Sax Alley
John Lennon: India
The Beatles: The One After 909 (live)
Jimi Hendrix: Hound Dog
Jimi Hendrix: Ezy Ryder (rehearsal)
"Coral Records Presents Theodore" 1959, side 2.
Presented for educational purposes.

Afternoon Movie intro
Hail to the Chief (This is the Army, 1942)
Lord Buckley_Governor Slugwell
Manifest (17:22, 1999)
Unknown Vaudeville Duo_The Stars and Stripes Forever

TV Roulette 2
NSR Theme
Radio Mystic, excerpt:
  Sleep Narration
  Karlheinz Stockhausen_Hymnen
  Soundblaster Program
  Explaining Stereo
  The Dummy Module
  The Sound of Pop
  Wonderwall dialog
The 5,000 Fingers of Dr T:
  10 Little Dancing Maidens
  Bart's Dream, part 1
Mr Space: Potentate Update

Sie Liebt Dich
Deaf Ted, Danoota & Me
It's Johnny's Birthday
I Feel Fine (inst)
The Mike's Not On
All Aboard Speaking
Swedish TV
A mix of John's mixes
Making Revolution No. 9
Mick & John
Don't Be Afraid








Mean Mr Mustard (acoustic)
And Your Bird Can Sing (alternate)
LA press conference 1964, excerpts
Tennessee Credit for Music
Because (vocal only)
I'm Only Sleeping (vibes excerpt)
Mr Kite overdubs
Strawberry Fields (alternate)
The Edgehill Country Club
I Am the Walrus (instrumental)
Paul remembers John
Bad to Me
Imagine (live)


5) September 25, 2020: Audio Fractals 101


No Soap, Sir
Nothing New bit
Jake Gartner_a
The Spine-Tingler
Flight 666
Scram 07
Audio Fractals
Crash Mix
Jimmy & Taz
Scram 02
All Go To Stage 1
Warning Bell
Home Improvement
Good Evening Tonight
Hillary Clinton What Was Her Reaction
Lloyd Reynolds & Karen
song from Citizen Kane
Certain Anchorpeople
Scrambled March
One of the Fellows Explains the Rhythm
Nat Takes It Out


Colossus: The Forbin Project
Visconti's The Damned
The Battle of Britain
The Time Machine
War of the Worlds_reporter
Stan Freberg Presents the USA
War of the Worlds_intro
Earth vs the Flying Saucers_excerpt
Sweet Sugar
Terminal Island
The Devil's Wedding Night
Wild in the Streets
The Beatniks

Save Free TV!
The Manchurian Candidate 
The Night Walker
Paul Frees and the Poster People
The Doberman Gang
Gay Pur-ee

Earth vs the Flying Saucers
Mr Magoo's Xmas Carol
Gay Pur-ee
Rocky and Bulwinkle
The Shaggy Dog
Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land
Noah's Ark
The Abominable Dr Phibes
Paul Frees and the Poster People
Atlantis the Lost Continent
Spike Jones
The World's Greatest Sinner
scary movie trailers
more Spike Jones & Magoo


Carl Rowan meets Dr Hook
Jake Gartner_Long Distance Call
Dick Van Dyke_Learn Not to Burn
Karlheinz Stockhausen_Hymnen (excerpt)
Firesign Theater_How to Make the US a Democracy
Destiny Unmanifest (anonymous) & audio collage
    Mothers of Invention_ (excerpt) The Chrome Plated
        Megaphone of Destiny
    Ilhan Mimaroglu_ (excerpts) Tombeau D'edgar allen 
        Poe, & Prelude #16
    The Dolphin Guy
Captain Beefheart_Well
Firesign Theater_Ed's End of the World Restaurant
Captain Beefheart_The Blimp