Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Augmented White Noise Background Loop

Thank you, Bob.  Hello, all.  A few years since I've sat before a microphone, but on the whole, hale and hearty.  I forgive those who know me not from Edwin Armstrong.  My broadcast home, the Trudy, was drydocked when your grandparents were kids.  Nevertheless, I plied the waters of the Great Lakes from Rochester to Chicago for 20 years, just beyond the 30 mile limit, and cranked out many a radio dream in the leaky hours before dawn.

Our first selection may be useful for those who vainly strive for the embrace of Morpheus-- or perhaps only set the ripples flowing in the same direction.  I speak of noise control, friends; a neighbor arriving home from work at 3:30...every morning.  Or perhaps a happy party across the street.  We've all been there, and who wouldn't want an audio eraser, or even an audio rake, to tidy up their local neighborhood of sounds, and restore a measure of control.  I give you
sleep loop 01_mp3_regiment + artificial canine.

It's a 10-minute loop.  "Canine" is a nod to Jean Dubuffett's soundtrack for Cuckoo Bazaar, an early audio fractal.  The basic track is from Eno/Byrne "Regiment".  There's a kind of scratchy-popping noise from one chuckle, turned into a continuous sound.  And car horn sfx; who says masks can't also be the thing being masked? 

I'm using it right now, and although I think I've heard them getting in and out of their car next door, there's been no discernible random, startling noise.  I'm also playing it with a generous helping of white noise from a TV and a noisy fan, with the window open, on a hot July night.  So, it works.  Adjust the track and the TV noise for flavor.  Fan is optional.

- Nockley

Sunday, July 26, 2020

What happened to the audio?

Hi folks.  This is a post I've started a few times, recently.

Now that you're spending more time at home these days, does it seem like your home computer has become considerably more ...well, inept in what you want it to do?  Or even, suddenly unable to do it at all?

I'd rather gloss things over when I can-- as if, having a tool that requires constant attention is going to work with that approach-- but eventually you wake up and go, hey, we're not movin!

Part of it is tech.  I haven't had a working line-in for 3 or 4 months now.  Not a total output killer, there's a stock of raw mp3s around here.  But enough to throw it out of balance, and with everything else bring it down.  The problem is Resiliency of Process.

I'd like to have you meet someone: the late American broadcaster and spiritualist Arthur Haversham Nockley.  He will briefly be returning from the grave to help me administer the site.

AH Nockley, 1893-1959
The stream-- ah yes.  $25 a month.  I think I can afford a dollar a day to keep it trickling out, for now.  Without unleashing my fund-raising myrmidons.  Perhaps Mr Nockley will have something to say about that.

Resiliency of Process.  That, we hope, is a verity.  Mr Nockley's mastery of it created a 40-odd-year record of amazing but lost broadcasts.  I leave you in his hands.

- Old 55