Sunday, January 31, 2016

Breakin In a Brand New Overdub test1

...whoa, where did this come from?  Bangin it around before tax season started.  It's just a shred but what the heck-- I might even forget I'm working on it again.

Connie Francis, "Breakin In a Brand New Broken Heart", 1963. Connie's overdubs were a big deal back then.  So why not overdub her overdubs?  Here's verses 1 and 2 of the song played together.

Breakin In a Brand New Overdub test1

Audacity is really easy for this.  Put the tracks side by side, and scoot them around, and compress and stretch, til they line up.

Crowded Cafe Loop

(5:01) 17 seconds of background from an Untouchables episode, looped for 5 minutes, portraying a busy gin dive in the 30's.  In other words, looking back 30 years, in a show that was made over 50 years ago.  But 1961 is more ancient than even that.  Those folks on the right are real people from that era-- not your blow-dry Happy Days clones.  Real people who probably also smell a little odd.

Plus, for us soundheads, the crowd itself has a nice blurry quality; it doesn't sound like real people in a cafe.  Some anonymous sound tinkerer, much like you or me, working for Desilu Studios crafted a singularly amorphous bed of pure crowd whitenoise, as pure as a vista by Eno.

Crowded Cafe Loop

Friday, January 15, 2016

Suggested For You

Another installment of Huffington Post's computer-generated comic strip as it appeared on my monitor today.  Not sure if that means I have the rights or they do.  Anyway, this is a random take on the day's events, created by raising the caption to the next photo.  Nothing's moved or cut, just cropped.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Tonight Show Band: Sax Alley

(3:29) The audio life's not all cutting and chopping and being a smartass.  Sometimes it's patching up a little treasure that needs only some TLC.

"Sax Alley", the Tonight Show Band tune-- a wild amazing track.  When they were getting ready to go on tour with it, the band graced viewers of The Tonight Show with a beautiful, swinging run-through that's since been posted to YouTube.

Complete with glitches.  A citizens-band radio interrupts it at one point, TV interference and generally lower grade mono sound, circa 1983.  Being, of course, a lover of the Audio, I put Audacity on it: replacing what I had to, compressing, EQing, tweaking, pinching, burping...

If you dig jazz, give it a listen.  Featuring Pete Christlieb and Ernie Watts.  The mid-range is still a little ringy, but what the heck.

Sax Alley

Here's the link to the video on YouTube.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


...or Jest-sons, as I now typoed.

My seasonal livelihood has kicked in, so audio lab time's going to be less.  This one bit is going to take some script-building.  It might be up eventually.

The Jetsons were on my mind this morning-- "Offa me!"  "I'll tune in the government information channel!"-- so the first post of the year is something I thought I wouldn't do: put up a bit that's already over at Bandcamp.  But Rich was asking about the fabulous, floating Flood Tape, and I guess I should mention all that old stuff-- which was appearing on this very blog, in its halcyon days-- is up over there.

More blogcleaning: for 2016, I'm going to quit putting "CutUpSound" in the title of posts w/ new stuff.  It's the blog, I'm the blog, the blog is me.  The occasional odd thing by others also (clearly identified).

And I think I'll start putting links into the text, like Jetsons or something like that.