Friday, January 21, 2022

America's Musical Frontier Heritage, part 1


Let's see, that's 3 new posts in the last 3 weeks, so maybe I can get away with a rerun this week, if I promise something special next week.

This week's post (a rerun, yes) is from a piece of 1960's vinyl, featuring the voice of Ken Nordine. 

It was originally meant to narrate a filmstrip about pioneer music, and included a sound cue ding for an operator to advance the frames.  I have, of course, thoroughly processed it for your enjoyment.  


The promise is-- I found another Ken Nordine filmstrip record.  Will it end up like this one?  Come back next Friday and see.

Update, 1/28-- see the next post.  There wasn't enough time and TLC available this week.  The Radio God graciously allowed a substitute inspiration to occur, with enough time to complete the post.  

It's hard to believe something won't be done with our old buddy Ken's record, sooner or later.  I have faith.