Saturday, August 12, 2017

Radio Programming 101

Full-time stream going now.  Been on the air a week.  But it's still only a little baby internet radio station.  And its sleepy old parent is content to have it grow up in its own way, amidst all the sonic rubble.

Aiming for 162 hours in the program base; there's 168 hours in a week, so this cycle would repeat 6 hours earlier every week.  In other words, you could tune in every day at the same time for a month and listen for 6 hours before it repeated.

If I can replenish all 162 hours in that month, you'll never hear something played within 6 hours of its last play.  And no more than 4 plays per item.

A lofty goal.  About 5.75 new hours of programming every day.  Ok, that's probably not going to happen.  Unless I can do this for a living.  (Hmm.  Shouldn't that be, replacing a week of programming every week?  Not taking a week to replace a month.  Or a month to...dang it.  We need to model this one.)

Anyway, the next step is to find 123 more hours of programming.  Listen on, if you like it.  Going to be a lot of the same stuff for a while, until the library attains critical mass.