Sunday, September 16, 2012

Edward Andrews, Anthony Edwards, Anthony Andrews, et al

If you're a fan of TV character actors like me, perhaps you've also been confused about the difference between Edward Andrews, one of "those guys" from the 60's...

...Anthony Edwards, "Dr Mark Greene" of ER...

...and British actor Anthony Andrews.

I mean, when they announced the second one was cast on ER, I thought, "that white-haired kind of Estes Kefauver-looking guy?  Or the guy from Brideshead Revisited"?  It was years before I realized the second one was a different person entirely.  Even now, I have to think about it before I mention any of them.

So I combined them all into one actor.  Meet Andrew "Ed" Anthony-- 50-year veteran with hundreds of roles in the TV shows you love best.

(Remember when he was the guy who done it on Mason?  "I told her I just needed more time!  But she laughed at me!") 

"Edward Edwards"?! 

For the love of humanity, noooo...