Friday, November 6, 2020

Weekly Podcast: Saved Songs


Greetings, all.  Nockley here.  Larynx, the proprietor of this blog, took to his room sometime after the election returns began, and every time I ask him, through the door, what he wants to do about this week's podcast, he says, "Look in the Radio Box."  

This is what I found.  Apparently, some small-scale musical salvage has been going on, and we have collected a few unique songs that won't be heard in this precise form anywhere else.  Click on the album cover to your right, to hear the whole thing.

None of them were released in the form you are about to hear; for one reason or another, they've been patched up, made whole.  I will attempt to elucidate from his notes.  

1) Johnny Green: Easy Come, Easy Go, from the soundtrack to the film, "They Shoot Horses, Don't They".  Assembled from clips played over the opening credits.  "Hole patched".  (?)  (I think he means, the sound was missing and he replaced it somehow.)

2) Fats Waller: Hallelujah.  This was from a medley; it went into another tune immediately after, but our copy was missing that tune, and ended abruptly, in a way that didn't make sense musically.  Changed ending chord.

3) The Bonzo Dog Band: Dr Jazz.  From the version released on "The Bonzo Dog Band Cornology".  There was a volume drop-out on the original album track (bass clarinet solo); when it was included on the anthology, they simply cut out the drop.  I mean, they cut that beat out of the song.  For one measure it was in 3/4 time, then it went back to 4/4.  The editor for the anthology, apparently, was weak on the concept of a 4-beat measure.  

4) The Tonight Show Band: Sax Alley.  Recorded from a 1986 television broadcast posted to YouTube.  The two saxophones trading the lead are Pete Christlieb (alto) & Ernie Watts (tenor).  CB Radio interference removed, hole patched.  

5) John Lennon: India.  Hole patched. 

6) The Beatles: The One After 909 (live).  Tempo increased 6%, bass boosted.  Hm.  Not much editing on that one.

7) Jimi Hendrix: Hound Dog.  Assembled from two sound checks on a Royal Albert Hall concert bootleg.

8) Jimi Hendrix: Ezy Ryder, Band of Gypsys rehearsal.  Two holes patched, equalized.

So that's what we have this week.  I was in Intertime when the light came on, I came in here and saw he'd checked out for a while.  That's all right.  Might even try one of these podcasts myself.