Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Lennon Month, stream #2

This stream includes more of his literary high burplee.
5.75 hours on the links to your right, with a playlist.

Technical notes:
- "India" (track #81) had a gap at 2:23 which has been repaired.
- "Roll Over Beethoven" (#6) had been censored, with the lyric "drive her further" completely cut out.  Somehow, they managed to excise it while leaving the time signature intact.  In honor of that, I didn't attempt a smooth-over where it goes a little haywire but still seems to stay on the beat.
- On a somewhat similar note, families are advised of adult content on You Gotta Save Yourself (Track #34, identified on the playlist as "air_1999.2").  We apologize, and are trying to determine where John learned such language.

Sources of this month's stream:
- John Lennon Birthday airchecks, multiple years, provided by collectors.
- YouTube.
- The amazing Internet Archive site.
- Geoff Houghton