Sunday, November 13, 2016

A True Story About Perspective

I was sitting on my front porch with the breeze kicking up.  Way down below me on the pavement, a little slug, maybe just about an inch long, was pressing forward through a small scale windstorm-- keeping its face turned into the wind, braving all the small pieces of smoosh (besides having to fight the headwind)-- when this twig, a teeny piece of straw, blew up and hit him right square between the eyes.  For you and me, like a two-foot-long hunk of wood.  Pow!

I've never seen a slug pass out before.  He verryy sloowwwly teetered over.  And stopped.  And sat there.  Eventually he roused himself and slowly rose to his foot, and carried on.  Because what else was there to do.

And indeed.  So while there might be things dropped here on the site from time to time, there's a few twigs in the wind today.  We'll just do what we can.