Monday, November 30, 2015

CutUpSound: No Soap Radio theme

(3:26) This has been on the site before.  It was pulled for some reason, when I was looking at this like some kind of playlist.  It's here now until they come around with boxes and collect my stuff.

No Soap Radio theme

About 20 years ago, I got a copy of Acid, the loop editing program, and made this.  It sounded so good, I knew I couldn't make anything that easily again, so I didn't do much musically on Acid after that.  But I used this as the theme for my show for 6 years.  And Acid was the first editor I'd seen that laid out multiple tracks in horizontal lines; it was my workbench between the amazing Turtle Beach Tropez-- imagine being able to clip audio files with a computer!-- and Audacity.

05/19/16 Omigod, a dead link.  How did that happen?  Works now, though.