Sunday, February 3, 2013

CutUpSound CD #1 available now

...on Bandcamp (  Thx to Rich Lindsay (here's a plug for his excellent site) for undertaking producer duties on this pupper. 

What's it about?  Oh, about an hour long.  (Heh heh...uh)  Cut and paste, media commentary, the usual silly stuff.  They've all been up here at one time or another, as MP3s (you can download them as WAVs or whatever, over there). They probably won't be rerun here. 

The CD may mark a new phase for this site, too-- more experimentation, less finished stuff,  don't know yet.  Stay tuned, though.  I still plan on posting goodies from time to time.  And, hopefully, another collection coming out by the end of Feb.

Cue the celebratory music!


all go to stage 1
it is called radio 
golden age of radio
crash mix
pastor lax
god in a linoleum roll
The Americans
war concerto 1
war concerto 2
war concerto 3
Prime Minister's helicopter time
Kung Fu
America's musical frontier heritage
robot's farewell